Finding the Right Open Source Projects to Contribute to

Finding the Right Open Source Projects to Contribute to

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·Oct 7, 2021·

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One of the biggest question marks while contributing to open source is what to contribute to?


So let's see where to find these repositories-

GitHub search/explore

Github is a great way to find other open-source projects to work on. Here you can search by-

  • Topics
  • Languages
  • Stars
  • Trending
  • And many more

A great topic to search for is good first issue. You can find beginner friendly issues that are easier to contribute


Good first

Easily find beginner-friendly issues to work on. You can find repositories of different languages easily and start working on them.


Awesome for beginners GitHub repository

This is a collection of open-source projects on GitHub that you can contribute to. They are sorted based on the language so it is easy to find what you want to work on-


Good First

This is another website with a list of many beginner friendly projects. You can search by labels, languages, repositories


Contribute to the apps and tools you use

Give back to the free open-source tools, websites, and apps you have been using by contributing to them! Here are a few to list-


Since this is the month of hacktoberfest, here are 2 websites to find open source projects participating in hacktoberfest-

Hacktoberfest projects by Usman Sabuwala

This site lets you find projects based on a preferred language and even search for projects!


Hacktosearch by Saptarshi Basu

Search for projects you can contribute to by topics and languages. This is a great tool for finding more personalized projects.


I hope you found some great projects to contribute to from these resources.

What else do you use to find great projects? Let me know in the comments ;)

Useful links-

What is Open Source and how to get started?

How to contribute to an open-source project and make a PR?

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