How to contribute to an open-source project and make a PR?

How to contribute to an open-source project and make a PR?

Avneesh Agarwal
·Jul 16, 2021·

2 min read

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We are going to use GitHub to make the PR and a few git commands. If you don’t know about Git and GitHub check out my crash course.

Today, we are going to contribute to an open-source project. So I am gonna contribute to an open-source audible clone that I created.

Go to the repository you want to contribute and click on the fork button in the top left corner of the screen.

Clone the repo you have been redirected to

git clone url_redirected_to

Installing dependencies

If you use yarn then run

yarn install # yarn

npm install # npm

Starting server

If you are using yarn then run

yarn dev # yarn

npm run dev # npm

Additional setup

If an open-source project is using a tech that requires credentials like firebase, next auth, or an API then we would need to configure that if we want to build a feature related to it.

Making a PR

Pushing the code to Github

git add .
git commit -m "commit message (what you added)"
git push origin new-feature

After pushing the code go to your repository go to your repository and now this button will be enabled.

Now open a pull request.

After clicking on create a pull request, you will see this

Now create a pull request.

Give a title and description and create pull request.

Congratulations 🥳. You have created your first Pull Request.

Open source react projects you can contribute to -

Audible clone

Chat app

React bootstrap

React spring

Useful links -



Git and GitHub Crash Course

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