How to deploy your website to Netlify for free

How to deploy your website to Netlify for free

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Deploy your react app to netlify

Sign up

Go to Netlify and create a free account.

Netlify signupNetlify signup

First Method (git provider)

You can choose a repository from a git provider and every time you push your code it will deploy your site.

New site from git buttonNew site from git button

Click on this button and a popup will open just follow the steps and sign in.

Now just choose a repository you want to deploy. You can leave the build command as default. After you are done just wait for a few seconds and your app will be hosted online.

The hosted URLThe hosted URL

You will reach a page similar to this and the URL at the top is where your site is hosted. If you make some changes and want your site to get those new changes just push the new code to one of the git providers.

If you want to change your domain go to the change domain section of this article.

Second Method (drag and drop)

Creating the build

In the terminal run this command

# npm
npm run build

# yarn
yarn build

Deploy the site

A new build folder would have been created in your project. Go to the sites tab on Netlify and then drag and drop your build folder.

Your first site has been deployed successfully.

Third method (Netlify CLI)

Install the Netlify CLI

npm install netlify-cli -g

Log in

Run this command to log in to your Netlify account

netlify login

After running this command a popup will open.

Netlify login authorizationNetlify login authorization

Just click on authorize.

Initialize a new app -

netlify init

After running this command choose

  • Create & configure a new site

  • Choose whichever team you have

  • You can give a site name for your app

  • After this, you can just keep pressing enter and it will apply the default proper settings.


To deploy your app just run this command

netlify deploy

This command will give you a unique link you can open it in the browser and check if everything is good. After everything is good you can deploy it to the main site through this command

netlify deploy --prod

This will deploy it to the main site.

Editing the domain

If you want to have a custom domain for your site click on domain settings.

Domain settings buttonDomain settings button

After clicking on the button you will reach a screen similar to this -

Edit site name buttonEdit site name button

Click on Edit site name and name the site whatever you like

Change site nameChange site name

Finally, click on save. Congratulations you have a custom domain for yourself 🥳🎉.

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