My dream companies to work at

My dream companies to work at

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Everyone has some dream companies that they want to work in. The 2 companies that I want to work in for now are-


I have been using Auth0 for almost 3-4 months now and I have been loving it. Auth0 has some pretty good documentation but the articles for Next.js are a bit old, so some things have changed. When I was trying Auth0 with Next I wasn't able to do it properly with the documentation itself. So I reached out to a great content creator and developer relations at Auth0- James Q Quick. He helped me quite a lot and I was able to get it up and running properly. Later on, I decided to create a few articles on Next.js and Auth0 so that other people don't have to struggle to add Auth0 authentication to their Next app. So I want to become a developer relation/technical writer for them.


Hashnode is a great platform for blogging as a developer, and since the first day, I am fascinated by how it works. Once I got to know that they are using Next.js I was pretty excited. When I was pretty new to hashnode they had also opened some positions at Hashnode but all were full-time and I am a student so I can't join a full-time job for now.

Another thing that fascinates me is working with so many amazing people like- Sandeep Panda, Sam Sycamore, Eleftheria Batsou, Catalin Pit, Mohd Shad Mirza, Megha Pathak, Syed Fazle Rahman, Anand Vaidyanathan, forgive me if I forgot to mention someone 🙏🏻😅.

Another option

Other than doing a job at some company one more thing that I wanna do is freelancing. The good thing about freelancing is that you can work at any time you want (until you do the work within the time limit).

Let me know which companies you would like to work for in the comments 😉👇🏻

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