My journey of becoming a technical writer

My journey of becoming a technical writer


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A little about me

I am 13 year old web developer, content creator, technical writer, and student. I love to make beautiful and interactive websites with Next.js. I also like to document my journey and teach others by writing articles about what I am learning.

How I started Programming?

Last year (2020) I saw a video on youtube with the title "Let's Build a GOOGLE Clone with REACT JS for Beginners!". I was fascinated to see that you can build such awesome things by learning to program. So I started learning about web development.

How I became a technical writer?

A friend of mine who was into technical writing suggested me to start writing. With the help of his guidance, I wrote my first article on Medium. Ever since I have been writing articles on different platforms but at the end loving Hashnode the most.

What motivates me to be consistent?

I love to teach people and the amazing responses and comments that I get make me happy and helps me to keep going. After I joined Hashnode I have been more consistent because of some amazing challenges like 2Articles1week. Because of this challenge I wrote 2-3 articles every week for 4 weeks!

My goals as a writer

My main reason for writing is getting to teach many people and document my journey.

But like everyone I also have some goals-

  • Start doing freelance writing
  • Get 100k total blog views

These are the only two goals for my technical writing right now, I am working hard on achieving and I hope I reach there soon ๐Ÿคž๐Ÿป

A few words about the Hashnode Bootcamp

Day 1 of the Bootcamp held by Hashnode was amazing and helped me get a lot of ideas on how to improve my writing skills.

Special thanks to

for giving us so much value.

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