How to not become a better developer

How to not become a better developer

The world has plenty of good programmers. So how can you stand out and be the worst one?

So here are some points on how not to become a better developer

Learn multiple programming languages at once

Good programmers focus only on one language and try to learn it properly. Learning one language at once helps you focus on it properly and know what exactly is going on.

Shoot first, think later

Why think about the problem, solve it, and then type the code, when you can type gibberish again and again and pray it works the nth time?

Watching tutorials than doing Projects

Do you know how fun it is to just watch countless tutorials on a sofa, without taking notes?

Stay in your cocoon

Socializing, building networks, joining communities? NAH. Better stay in my cocoon and game all day. Just never touch social media platforms like discord, Instagram, or Twitter for good use.

Don’t Accept Feedback

Only good programmers ask others from various communities, to give feedback on what they made. This is precisely what you should avoid!

Think you know everything

Always think you know everything and never Google a problem or try to research about it. You know it, spend 10 days on a bug instead of getting the answer in 10 minutes.

Don't contribute to open source

Why contribute to the open-source projects and have a look at how their code is? Just look at your code and follow your code practice!

Don't document your journey

A great thing that good devs do is document their journey.

Teaching is a great way to keep learning.

But this is what we are trying not to do!

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